The Children’s Center promotes each child’s individuality and believes that each child is special and unique. Children deserve respect, attention and quality experiences. Our early education program provides each child with the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, loving and encouraging environment. We serve as a support system to the families in our community as they strive to raise well-rounded, happy children. Our philosophy is that children’s success now, or in the future, depends on the successful collaboration of teachers and parents who value social, emotional, intellectual and physical child development. We strive to make this possible for as many children as we can on a daily basis.

Our Curriculum Goals

  • Help children learn to make successful choices and decisions, as well as effectively solve problems
  • Develop caring relationships through respect, cooperation and meaningful interactions
  • Work on physical and emotional maturity through a variety of appropriate activities
  • Obtain exposure to literacy, art, math, science, music, drama and multicultural experiences
  • Encourage healthy eating habits and appropriate table manners through nutrition introduction and instruction